Design Bar - Web Development

Analysis // Advice // Design

Design and guidance based on our specialized communications and process knowledge. After an initial analysis and detailed consultation, we will determine the desired strategy to meet your needs. The concept will integrate targeted communication tools and creative design.

Screen Design

Detailed screen design follows naturally from high-level architecture that makes our clients sites efficient and easy to navigate. Detailed design completes the application and Web Page designs so that they are visually compelling as well as being user-friendly.

CMS and Advanced Coding

Using a CMS means that your website becomes a dynamic information medium instead of a static brochure type webpage. Content can be updated on a regular basis by assigned persons with secure login i.d. Numerous additional modules are available for a range of functions. A CMS website can also serve as a portal for internal communications by centering the organization’s procedures, manuals, politics and other information.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Covers a range of methods used to ensure that your content is found by search engines, and therefore your target audience. We focus heavily on on-site optimisation and personal link building campaigns.


Online shops can allow you to tap into wider client base and therefore increase your revenue. There´s a lot to think about when launching an Ecommerce website, beginning with a solid digital marketing strategy.