Design Bar - Simplicity

Clear & Logical Navigation

User-focused website design is, by definition, about giving priority to the wants and needs of the users. Clear navigation will make it simple for visitors to make their way through the site as they choose. The navigational approach will greatly depend upon the type of site. When visitors arrive at a specific type of site, they’ll bring with them certain expectations, with navigation being a major issue.

Clear Communication

Have you ever been to a website where you have spent a few minutes looking at several pages before you could even determine the site’s purpose?  One of the key issues involved with usability is communication.
Headlines, taglines, images, colors, design styles, they all say something to visitors. An effective and usable website will communicate clearly.

Targeted, Focused Content

The actual content of the website is often overlooked in discussions on usability, but it will have a strong impact, whether positive or negative, on the experience of visitors. A good website will have a specific audience that it is targeting, and content that is tailored to suit this audience. Content should be created with the audience in mind.

Style that Suits the Audience

Website Design should be aimed at fitting the interests of the target audience. The style that is chosen for a site’s design should always be influenced by the target audience.
The look and feel of a website will have an instant impact on users. It’s possible for a new visitor to a site to immediately feel more comfortable solely because of the style of its design. When a website uses a style that’s embraced by the visitor, it’s a subtle message telling them that they belong at this website and that they’ll fit in.


The user experience is greatly impacted by the readability of a site’s content. Two different websites can provide exactly the same content, but if one is formatted well for readability and the other one is not, then there is a huge difference between the two for visitors.

Anticipation of User Issues / Questions

The development of a user-focused website should include consideration of likely issues so that they can be addressed easily. Although you will never be able to avoid all of these situations, minimizing the number of unresolved issues will go a long way in improving the user experience.


Your site is built to be accessible to your target audience. For example, a flash-based site with lots of elements may not be usable to absolutely every visitor, but they can still be effectively used in some cases where the target audience will have access to the site and all of its features.

Ease of Contact

A percentage of visitors to a website will want to contact the owner for one reason or another. Maybe it is to inquire about services that are offered, or it’s about an issue they’re having with the site. Whatever the case may be, some people will want to contact you, and the ease with which they can do so will have a strong influence on their experience on the site.